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Happy New Year

Happy 2019 and I hope you had a introspective changing of the year as I certainly have. This year will mark a milestone. I will be 60. A wee bit older and definitely a lot wiser. I had a pretty interesting year, 2018, where I slaved to keep myself in the limelight to prove what again? I do not know. To prove I still had it, I guess. What I needed to learn was that I always ‘had it’ and didn’t need anyone else to nod their head in approval. I am very proud to report the countless Blue Note performances that happened during the last two years. I honed my craft not only as a singer / performer but as a producer, assisting in building a name for someone else and losing “me” in the process. This is “me” breaking away and claiming ownership of what always will be the entity known as “Ginai”. One who loves people. That is the name my parents gave me and I do very much love all of you regardless of whether you came to one of my shows or not! You see....I am living the dream of a balanced life and fulfilling my purpose one song at a time. Stay tuned for more ‘introspective perspectives’ throughout the year! Mahalo for joining me on my musical adventure!