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Blue Note Hawaii

E Komo Mai! Welcome to Hawaii, Blue Note! We are happy you decided to bring your entertainment brand to our Hawai'i . As one of many jazz artists here in Alohaland, I personally want to thank you for bumping up the volume on the Waikiki music scene. We have been in need of a world-class venue such as yours, and hope that you will not only maintain the highest level of integrity that is attached to your reputation, but that you will bring us, the artists, a stamp of validation....well deserved recognition ....and a 'hana hou', each and every time we take the stage. We only want to give you our very best in performances, musicality, audience engagement, flavored with the Aloha that only lives HERE! Mahalo to Cha Thompson and Suzanne Koga for booking us all, and helping us produce waves of jazz-excellence that ripples across the Pacific Ocean and beyond! I can't wait to play there!

BLUE NOTE HAWAII, is now open in the Outrigger Waikiki (where the Society of Seven used to play)