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A tribute to Al Jarreau by Mike Lewis & Friends

Al Jarreau was an iconic jazz vocalese artist who crossed over into pop music, getting major exposure through airplay and record industry support in the 0's and 80's. Those were the days! He was a once-in-a-lifetime talent, combining crooning with scatting adding percussive sounds into the mix and voila! The vocal achievements of Al Jarreau! He had an international appeal, mostly in part to the fact that the Jazz genre is still revered throughout Japan and Europe. Not as much here in the US, mostly because our education system dumbs music way down with the help of the money grabbing of corporate radio. Don't get me started!! My point in mentioning this is the ingredients (talent + opportunity) for a singer like him no longer exists. Most impressive to me is the fact that Al could scat alongside some the best soloists on any instrument, leaving an indelible impression on so many young hearts and minds, including mine! His vocal collaborations with the likes of George Benson, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carlos Santana, George Duke, and countless other icons are notable. His vocal duets with greats like Melissa Manchester, Randy Crawford, Oleta Adams, and Kathleen Battle were testimony to the vastness of his range, and the scope of his abilities. His mastery was noteworthy! His ability to express himself through the deeply complicated chord changes that jazz and fusion genres demanded was rare and now, legendary.

Mike Lewis & Friends will perform a tribute to a few of his songs on October 25th at the Blue Note Outrigger Waikiki for two shows at 6:30 & 9pm. I am personally paying homage to the man I always admired and whose voice helped shape my own by performing the one song that sticks in my mind that captured a pretty wide range of his capabilities. Chick Correa's Spain (I Can Recall) which Al penned lyrics to. Yes, he was an incredibly talented lyricist on top of everything else. I will be a co-host alongside Mike Lewis bringing you fresh new voices to his music, in hopes of tapping into just a tiny speck of the legacy he left behind. We will conduct a musical tour of his music, showing audiences not only new voices, but fresh perspectives. Most of all, we hope to rekindle and inspire hearts to the myriad of emotions and to oceans of their most precious memories of their time listening the the one and only, Al Jarreau.

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